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  2. CDC live in Dubai! (31 May 2012)

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  3. Ely Buendia of Pupil at One Hit Jam.

    10 May 2012. Dubai, UAE.

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  4. Bamboo at One Hit Jam at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, UAE.

    10 May 2012

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  5. Viscous Mishmash at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai.

    10 May 2012

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  6. Fleshcrawl live in Dubai! (16-03-2012)

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  7. Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew supporting Fleshcrawl! more photos at roldanmacahiya.wordpress.com

  8. Fist in Your Face at the Fleshcrawl Gig! more photos at roldanmacahiya.wordpress.com

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